F-ZERO AXが京都にやって来た(*)! 大変よく出来てる。私がゲームセンターのゲーム機の前で興奮するのは何年ぶりだろう。。。ゲームプレーはN64版に近い(もしかして同じゲームエンジン?)ですけど、Graphicsが2003年のゲームとは思えないぐらい良く出来てる。解像度が高くて、画面が広くて、3Dがすごい。ゲーム画面がとなりに置いてあったテレビにも写ってたけど、テレビだとやっぱり印象が全然違う。。。 Cabinetの動きが激しいから、運動をまったくしない私みたいな体力のないプログラマーにはちょっとつらいかもしれない。
AMUSEMENT VISION の作品を今度からも期待している。

F-Zero-AX has come to Kyoto!

It is very well made indeed. How many years has it been since I've been excited by a arcade game I wonder...?

The gameplay is similar to the N64 version (it might even be the same game engine?) but the graphics are so good its unbelievable its the year 2003. The screen has a high resolution, is wide and the 3d sensation is great! There was a monitor TV next to the arcade machine, but to be honest it just doesn't compare to the arcade screen.

The movement of the cabinet was a bit violent, which to a non-exercising programmer such as myself gets to be a bit tiring.

Place: ACHO Game Centre, 2nd floor, west side of teramachi just north of shijo.
Posted by T-virus at 01:19 PM on Mon, 07 July 2003


well, after reading your comments T-Virus, I had to go and check it out for myself.

Really good fun - extreme 3d perspective too which gives a greater sense of speed. You should ONLY play this game with the inside cockpit view, its so much more fun.

For an extra hundred yen you can create a "license card" which lets you modify your own car as you gain points which is makes for interesting re-play value.

Two Thumbs Up. Maybe we'll see a surge in arcade goers as a result. If there were more games like this arcades wouldn't be as dead as they seem to have become.