Global Illumination, Parthenon and Lucille

Beeさんが作っている「Parthenon」という"GPU Assisted Global Illumination Renderer"の専用ページが誕生しました。Vertex / Pixel Shader 2.0や浮動小数点数バッファに対応しているグラフィックスカードをもっている人はぜひ試して下さい。このページ英語で書かれていますが、HimatsubushiのBBSDiaryに行けば、最近の情報や他の面白いデモプログラムがあります。

Bee finally made a special page for his GPU Assisted Global Illumination Renderer called "Parthenon", you can try it if you card supports Vertex / Pixel Shader 2.0 and floating point buffers (eg. radeon 9700.)

s_teapots.jpg s_room.jpg s_stairs.jpg

Τ褦ˡܿͤĿͤǺäƤ顼ΤۤˤLucilleRedqueen Rendering toolޤʡLucilleפäƤƣľ Υۡ򺣤ޤΤʤäɡܿͥץޡˤ򤤻󤢤ߤǶ

You can also check 2 other similar projects (Japanese personal renderers), one is called Lucille the other is Redqueen Rendering tool(in English). The author of Lucille has a globally interesting site, with lots of resource for Japanese programmers (a siggraph 2003 overview has been added recently)

̣ǥ󥰥եȤͤˤ⤤äѤ뤱ɡȤ󥿥եʤïȤʤɡCornell Boxäݤ󥰤ᥤˤʤäƤޤäơץꥱ󤬤ޤʲʤ¿εѤ᤯ˡʾ꤯󥹤褯˻ȤˡͤȻȤͤδطƯʤФʤʤȻפޤ

Global IlluminationHDRΥ󥰤˴ؤơΥȤ򤤡THECHALLENGE.N3.NETQuality⤤ƥѤΥǡɤ뤳Ȥ뤷Ͽ줿¿٤Τ򤤡

ɽǡ㤨СRadiosityǻȤƤSibenik cathedralSponza AtriumΥǥ롣ƺǶHDR""ϤޤäǤեåǥʡΥǡץ饰ɬפʤΤƤ뤫顢HDR¸ͤϤɤǤߤƤ

hdr_test.jpgTHECHALLENGE.N3.NET is an interesting site for designers and programers who have an interest in Global Illumination an HDR. You can get really nice test models for free (and in several formats) such that the Sibenik cathedral or the Sponza Atrium, and see what kind of rendering other people came up with (lots of them...). Recently, a HDR "contest" has been started. Designers will find all explanations and plugins they need to try their own HDR rendering.

Posted by T-virus at 11:07 AM on Mon, 18 August 2003