Machinima Revisited

Following on from our previous article on the recent phenomenon called "Machinima" where budding directors and virtual actors use existing games and their 3d engines to create scripted scenarios or mini-movies, we discovered that certain people have also been using Halo (XBOX) to make their own little skits. The voice acting is pretty good in these ones (however, the "comedy" leaves a bit to be desired).

Have a gander at Episode 7 (quicktime) to whet your appetite.

Posted by PixelJunk at 11:59 PM on Wed, 13 August 2003




I remember the one old console...
NINTENDO64 DiskDrive system of "Mario Artist Talent Studio" also can make the MACHINIMA.
This software can use the video capture devise and Gameboy Camera. (Yes I have all of them...)
Please check it out below movies. This movies made by only on 64DD.

The history of Japanese MACHINIMA is so deep.
2 university students club established the "DoGA foundation" at 1985 and they made a big community.
From below 2 universities,
Also, I think "Shenmue the movie" can say big MACHINIMA. :-)