DNA Computer Games

NewScientist has reported recently that the game of tic-tac-toe has been implemented using a DNA computer. How long until someone knocks up a primordial Pong... and what if it starts replicating and we all get attacked by the Pong virus?... err

MOLECULARDNAMID.jpgAnyway, this reminded me of a very interesting video, "Molecular Visualizations of DNA" by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research that is on the Siggraph 2003 Electronic Theater Program DVD. Unfortunately I cannot find this video available on the web so I presume you have to order it from Siggraph. This short computer generated animation shows you how the DNA biological copying machine works and it really does look mechanical as it streams dna in (spinning at the same rpm as a jet engine apparently) and spews out one stream from back-to-front (the copy) and the other stream from front-to-back.

I found this other video though, which isn't as graphically interesting but still shows (and explains) the piecemeal "mechanical" way DNA is replicated. And this one, which shows part of the process called the Actin-myosin muscle.

Don't these molecular processes seem uncannily "digital" somehow?

(One more thing I found, someone took the time to emulate the famous Eames "Powers of Ten" video and is running it in Java!)



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