N-Gage to Japan

N-Gage is heading towards Japan at some point in the near future it seems.

I actually had a play on this way back in March at the GDC in San Jose. It was unbelievably bad and was hardly distinguishable from the current generation of 53-series J-Phones here in Japan where we can already play Ridge Racer in full 3d. Also, from a personal point of view I really don't like the overall design of the N-Gage, the buttons are a mess.

Its much more fun to just get yourself a GBA with Super Mario Advance 4 (GBA version of Super Mario Bros. 3), you'll have a lot more fun, and your batteries won't die on you so quickly.

v801sa.jpgIf you want a really cool phone, check out the pictures of Vodafone's offering next month here in Japan; worldwide 3G access with the V801SA. This and a GBA-SP will do me fine.


実は、今年3月のSan Joseで行っていたGDCでこれを遊んで見て来ました。びっくりするぐらいだめでした。現代のJ−PhoneのSH53RidgeRacerとほとんど変わらないぞという、何ともいえない印象でした。さらに、個人的なんですがN−Gageの携帯自体のデザインも気に入らなかった。ボタンもややこしかった。



Posted by PixelJunk at 09:30 PM on Mon, 08 September 2003