The Future Is Here (at last!)

Two days ago NTT-X started a new service for the goo search engine, that actually displays the pages found (instead of just displaying bits of text). The user can then "navigate" between pages, in a 3D space (well by judging from the pics it looks more 2d than 3d), in a style like Ed's PC in Cowboy Beebop (ooooh). (Cowboy Beebop is a Japanese anime that is quite popular)winmov.jpg

Here is the article (thanks to Motoyan for the link).

You need special software to use the new functionality. The software is available here , but the service has been so popular the download server is down right now (they say download will be enabled again sometime today).

Posted by T-virus at 11:07 AM on Thu, 09 October 2003


I have just downloaded it, and it's really's actually a stand alone browser (that seems to use Renderware) that displays pages in 3D. Since there is no rotation movement (of the camera), the navigation interface is 2d + zoom.

Pages are nicely arranged in the 3d space, the interface is very pleasant.

Nice program!


Its rather good... everyone should give it a go.


I wonder why they didn't include any "spherical" handling of the web pages, in a trackball fashion
(since there is vertical/horizontal cylindrical handling)