またEA社長、Larry Probst氏の去年持って帰ったお金の合計が発表されました。12億円!!



以前にもLarry Probstについて記事がありました

Posted by PixelJunk at 01:36 AM on Tue, 25 April 2006


yes, but he still manages to pay his employees 2 to 3 times the average Japanese employee. More power to him.


That's just the job market force in America, nothing to do with Larry Probst. If anything, Larry Probst and his ilk try to reduce wages to increase the bottom line.

The average wage at Sony and Nintendo is about 40-50k, and Nintendo has a twice-a-year bonus paid without fail not included in that, I want to see the data that says the average wage at EA is 90-100k, or even 120-150k! I can only find mentions of averages of 60k a year. How often are bonusses really paid out?

Anyway, this guy earns 200 times that 60k average, and there are probably 20-30 slightly lesser execs earning figures only 20-30% of that. Fat cat America is getting pretty outrageous.

In contrast, Nintendo's president Iwata-san is rumoured to earn about half a mill. and I think he's a far better exec and does much more for his company and the gaming industry than Larry Probst. I think you should consider giving more power to those types.