Awatama-Box.jpgいきなりの英語の記事ですが、Q-Gamesスタッフが以前勤めていたフランスの会社にて開発、発売されたDS用ゲーム、「Soul Bubbles」の日本版「あわたま」がいよいよ発売されますのでご紹介します。(下に日本語訳を掲載しています)

Hello all! I recently moved to beautiful Kyoto to work at Q-Games.Today I wanted to introduce a game that I worked on previously, that is soon to reach Japan: AWATAMA.

I was working in Paris (France) in a very small game studio called Mekensleep,where we made this DS game called Soul Bubbles. It is a physics based action/puzzle game that we hope makes fun usage of touch pen controls.

Because we all love Japanese games, it was always our hope to get the game released here. After consulting the opinion of various people and discussing with our publisher, we decided to change the main character, to adapt it more to local style. Of course it was a difficult decision from a creator stance to change a character after the game is done, but we wanted to give the game better chance for Japan: he became more colorful and he grew hair to convey a genki feeling.

Left: Character for Europe  Right: Character for Japan

We also used the additional time to make some changes and improvements to the game, so this version became a little better than the original. I hope you will like it.

Awatama is out on July 16,



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Posted by Bock at 03:25 PM on Thu, 09 July 2009


I hope that a lot of Japanese will discover the funniest DS game ever :)
Plus, playing with bubbles is very relaxing (well... depending the level!)
Good to see french touch spread all over the world!


Nitramgc, thanks for your comment. Glad that you liked it! We wanted to make it relaxing, but of course there is quite a spike of difficulty in the last levels. This has been retuned a little in the Japanese version.

French touch has been quite renewed lately, it is a great thing. But the world is becoming smaller nowadays, Q-Games is like international fusion food touch also spreading all over the world :)


"International Fusion Food" heheh
but more tasty!