Art Style : intersect


Hello there children of the pixel!

Kyoto's air has become crisp with the coming of autumn! As our city's well known maple leaf season approaches, we will soon be seeing beautiful palettes of orange and red blend deliciously with blue skies! Exciting!

If you are a fan of delicious color combinations, we are sure that you will love Q's new Art Style: INTERSECT, the latest downloadable gem in the Art Style series for DSi! As is trademark of Q-Games' work, it is easy to pick up, challenging to master, quite addictive, and 100% eye candy.

INTERSECT's puzzle-oriented gameplay revolves around your ability to direct different colored cars into different lanes of an intersection. The more matching cars you can direct into the same lane, the more fuel you gather, which launches your score and pushes back the ever ticking game clock. With tons of unlockables such as new difficulty levels, BGM tracks, and color schemes, INTERSECT provides tremendous value for a single download. Do be sure to check out the great maple leaf autumn and cherry blossom spring color schemes! Available for download now for European DSi users. To be released soon in the US under the title Art Style: DigiDrive.


Pretty great that European users will be able to enjoy this game without importing :)
But what has happened to your other DS game? Is it still in production?


Hi there Malte,

Yep! Fully localized and served fresh to your doorstep :)

As for other projects, all I can say is that Q is always working hard at developing newer and better games. Keep posted as we make announcements on future works!


Wow, severe re-design ! I like it but I also liked the previous one. If I get a DSi I will surely get it, but I'm still thinking of importing the GBA version :)
Is there a way to enable the old design ?


The old design is in the old GBA version, I think you can still buy it on ebay or somewhere like that :)
The new design takes the essence of the old design and refreshes it for the DSi quite nicely I think. We also added a Touch mode which is great to play with the D-pad and using your right thumb to "send" the stock up.