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Live For Speed


最近Q-Gamesの誰かがLive for Speedのデモをダウンロードしました。私はPCのレースゲームを全然やらないし、このゲームも二時間ぐらいしかやってないから、ちゃんとしたReviewを書く事はできないけど、このゲームがよく出来ているのは確かです。グラフィックス、車の細かい設定、物理シミュレーション、オンラインモード、どこから見ても文句なし。なによりも運転するのが楽しい(もちろん、リッジレーサほどではないけど)。



Ǥ⤳ΥˤĤư֤ΤϳȯĶǤȯԤ ҲåˤȡLive for SpeedΩͤΥˤäƳȯƤ롪ץޤϡ͡ŪQualityι⤵򸫤ȡʤŪȻפޤͤɥμǻŻ򤷤ơܡʥɴطˤΥƥǻŻ򤹤롣ѥ֥å㡼̵ʼͳ˳ȯ򤷤ΤͳǡˡƤ䤬󥿡ͥåȤǹԤƤߤʤΤˡ桼οɤɤʤɤ10000ȤɤФ뤱ɤ줬⤦ѤäȻפˡ̤Υ¤ʤ

One aspect of the game I enjoyed is the sense of immersion. In subjective view, the cockpit vibrates realistically, and you can move you head around (look back to check if someone is behind you, etc) that gives the game an excellent sense of "being there". I don't like games that push the simulation aspect of driving (I prefer Ridge Racer-like games by far), but this particular game does it very well. Note that Outrun2 also seem to include a cockpit view.

According to the introduction message from developers (and from the FAQ), the game is being developed by an independant team of 3 people! As far as I understand, that makes one programer for everything, which sounds incredible to me given the quality of pretty much all aspects the game. Impressive!

It seems that the game, without any advertising, already has a lot of users (I read a "10000" somewhere but it's probably not up to date). You can buy a copy online for a very reasonable amount of money.