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The Otaku Getaway

イギリスで最近かなり流行ったゲームといえば、ソニーのPS2の「The Getaway」になります。このゲームではロンドンの街中がとてもリアルに表現されています。(ゲーム性はGrandTheftAutoみたいな物なんですが)


The Getaway has recently been popular in England due to its fairly accurate rendering of London. (the game is fun even if it is basically just a splintered off version of Grand Theft Auto)

However, this encouraged some english "otaku"s to go around and re-enact the missions of the game at the real original locations as recently reported in The Register. What's interesting is that they have taken almost angle-correct shots from their "tour" and put them side-by-side with screenshots from the game so you can compare the realism.

jolsonshome4_mod_small.jpg This reminded me of a site I recently found on DigitalCity where they have made a tourable 3d version of Kyoto's shopping area which seems to have had a bit of effort put into it, take a look. There's always something strangely intriguing about seeing a place you know rendered into 3d. Please download the latest "Rover" plugin from here.