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Lost Games Companies

According to this press release (japanese only) there is going to be an exhibition at the Tokyo Visual Culture Museum of every single Famicom (NES) game ever released in Japan! There are over 1200 titles on display apparently.

The problem is, for each game they have to get it OK'd with the company that made/published it, and 23 of them are missing! I wonder if any of these titles made it to the West.

  • A-WAVE - Astrofang etc.
  • EAST CUBE - ReflectWorld
  • IGS - Almajiro, BattleStadium, Pro Baseball Select etc.
  • IMAX - Navy Blue etc.
  • Athena - Wits, Sword Master, etc.
  • Induction Produce - Electronic Astrology (By Jingukan)
  • Angel - Flying Corps Jetman etc.
  • Takeru - Kokoron
  • TSS - Super Rugby
  • DeBeSoft - UddiPoko
  • Tecnos Japan - Tough Zealous Master Kunio
  • HighScore MediaWorks - Zombie Hunter, FA Leia Seal of the Sword
  • BI - BattleRush
  • BBS - Tetris, Super Black Onyx
  • Human - Egypt
  • Hero - Kyori-chan Land
  • Hect - Emoyan's Pro Baseballx10, Moon Crystal etc.
  • Hot Bee - Star Gazer, The Black Bus, etc.
  • Youth - Bats&Terry Racing, Hotter Man Depths of the Earth Explorer etc.
  • UPL - Ninja Demon Medal
  • Yonezawa - Gimme a Break, Greatest Quiz in History etc.
  • Vallier - Gunhead the New Struggle, Venus Military etc.
  • East Plan - Snow Brothers

The exhibition will run from December 4th until February 8th next year, so let's hope they find those companies in time! I think a trip to Tokyo is in order.