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It's Friday, time for some fun:

Check out those crazy optical illusions. Inparticular the 2nd and 4th images ripple and rotate respectively when you move your head from side to side or forward and back whilst staring at the centre of the pictures....

It's been a good week for gaming here at Q-Games.

As mentioned in an earlier article, we got Star Wars Galaxies and have been playing that online, so far it has been great fun. Earlier this week we bought Kirby's Air Ride for the Gamecube, this is a pretty slick game; kind of F-Zero for kids - it...

Yesterday, amidst our almost daily Battlefield 1942 rush at lunchtime, an unubiquitous little parcel arrived containing the 3 copies of Star Wars Galaxies we ordered several weeks ago.

One soundless, musicless, 1.8 gigabyte install later we were ready to throw ourselves headlong into Star Wa...








この例に漏れず、阪神タイガースの優勝を見越したグッヅを先行して作っている会社は昔から多くあるそうです。(阪神はここ18年間優勝を逃していますが…) でも、ゲームハードにまでその波が押し寄せてくるとは本当に驚き。せっかくだから、PlayStationやXboxも追従してくるともっと面白くなりそう。

Last week Sony announced their new Clie, if you haven't seen it it is pretty damn smart.

Gamasutra is reporting that it supports OpenGL, if this is true its even smarter than we thought. So who's going to get that old teapot spinning then?



このビデオで見えるのは、Genetic Algorithmによって生成されたモーションです。動いてるスケルトンが失敗しながら勝手に進化し続けます。ある段階から、転ばずに進むことが出来るようになります(=コンピュータが自分で歩くことを習うと言うことです)。目的は「移動をすること」だけですから、「歩くこと」以外のモーションが生成されてしまいます。例えばジャンプをしながら進むこととか・・・