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NewScientist has reported recently that the game of tic-tac-toe has been implemented using a DNA computer. How long until someone knocks up a primordial Pong... and what if it starts replicating and we all get attacked by the Pong virus?... err


I found this other video though, which isn't...


  • CPUは3Ghzまで
  • 100ギガバイトハードディスク
  • 100Mbit Lan
  • コントローラ4つまでつなげます
  • Digital 7.1・サラウンド・サウンド
  • CD/DVDなし
  • コンソールのアップグレードは可能
  • ゲームはオンラインで買ってダウンロードする
  • ほかのコンソールよりもっともゲームが多い

とにかくInfinium Labsが出しているビデオをご覧下さい。


ナムコのR:Racing Evolutionの発売日が最近発表された(2003年11月27日)。私はPS2版を買うか、GC版を買うか, XBOXを買うかそれか比べるために同時に三つを買うかはまだ迷ってる(迷ってるのは、私だけじゃないし・・・)。gpx001.jpg

Namco announced the release date for R:Racing Evolution recently as the 27th of November this year. I'm not sure whether to buy the PS2 version, the Gamecube version or th...





A new trailer for the next Matrix movie has been made available for download.

You can get it here from fumufumu.

Or for higher resolutions (or lower), get it from Warner Bros direct.

Now, let's hope they've actually put a credible story in the movie this time round (probably not though eh)...

もとやんはまた面白いビデオ(リンクが不安定ですのでフムフムーQからダウンロードが出来ます)を見つけてくれた。これはこのゲームの最高に難しいモードらしい。あの人のPunch Mania 北斗の拳のプレイーが見たい。

BeMani is the shortened word in Japan for Beat Mania. Motoyan has sent me a link to an interesting video he found (click on the wmv link under the picture, here it is on FumuFumu-Q...


Try this excellent physics demo, found at "suzuna"'s home page. The readme mentions a library called "es", but I have no idea where it comes from (there is a similar,older demo on Kano's webpage - maybe they are related).

Use 'c' key to change scene and mouse left button to "punch" objects...